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At home and in community
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

We provide a diverse range of Occupational Therapy assessments and capacity skill building services to best help you. We deliver tailored treatment designed to help you live a more fulfilling life that is specific to you through 1 on 1 individualised sessions that fit into your and your family’s busy schedule.

We deliver home and community Occupational Therapy services treating a variety of conditions for private clients, those undergoing hospital rehabilitation following surgery, NDIS participants, TAC, My Aged Care and other support bodies.

Why Healthcare at Home

Our OT service from the comfort of your home allows us to get a great picture of how best to deliver your treatment to get you back to doing those things that matter most.

There are many benefits of healthcare at home including but not limited to;

Comfort and convenience in your own home.
Time efficient, with no travel time, or traffic worries.
Individual focused and tailored 1:1 treatment
Easily involve the family & carers in your care in the fun.
Enhanced outcomes and true holistic approach to your care with a clear picture of what you do and what matters most to you.


Something’s come up? Worried about Covid-19? Another snap lockdown? Or a number of other things impacting your day. Not to worry, Health 2 You offer therapy services in ways that can best support you, whether that be at home, in the community or via telehealth.

We have been offering telehealth since we started the business and find it can be great for supporting people alongside their face to face therapy or assisting in keeping people safe in their homes.

Any questions around telehealth or how it can benefit you with enhanced care, please get in touch.

OT Service We Offer

Functional Capacity Assessment
Neurological and Disability care
Home Modifications
Home Safety & Falls Prevention
Equipment & Scooter Assessment
Mobility Aids & Walkers
Capacity Building & Living Skills
Return to work skills training

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